Toddler Community

Toddlers need a quiet, caring and adaptable environment that changes according to their developmental needs. Their concentration expands with designated educational toys and teacher initiated activities. The hands are the tools of the brain. Toddlers love to touch and try! They discover the world around them and simultaneously discover their own abilities. The feeling of ‘I can do it by myself’ builds self-esteem and self worth.

Due to the intense absorption of everything that surrounds them, children thrive well in a bilingual environment. They learn languages ‘without effort’, as long as the same person speaks the same language to the child and the language is offered in a concrete, child-oriented manner. This is why Montessori education and bilingual exposure goes so well together. In the Montessori school this bilingual set-up goes all the way up to the Secondary section, and by then the students are ready for a multilingual environment.

Children’s Houses

Montessori education offers the necessary positive interaction, appropriate freedoms and limits and caring adults that helps preschoolers develop both personally and socially. An ordered environment with concrete learning materials and a personalised approach gives the opportunity to act through their own learning style and simultaneously start to build up skills necessary for balanced learning.

This is the age when children use their senses in order to explore. They become more and more independent and aware of the immediate world surrounding them. This stimulates also their interest in writing and reading, early mathematics and the beginnings of geography, biology and history.

Rotselaerlaan 1 & 3
3080 Tervuren
Bergestraat 24

3080 Tervuren
Hof Kleinenberg
Kleinenbergstraat 97/99

1932 St. Stevens-Woluwe
Hof ten Berg
Hof ten Berg 22

1200 Woluwe St. Lambert
Welcome to our website
The International Montessori School offers a thoroughly prepared and beautiful learning environment, supporting the complete development of children and students from the ages of 1 to 18. A bilingual approach together with the Montessori Pedagogy and the International Baccalaureate Secondary Section (IB MYP and DP) prepares children and young adults for life.

We focus on all aspects of the personality and help children to gain trust in themselves in order to feel confident and empowered, both within their social group, and the world at large. This, together with balance in freedoms and logical boundaries and the guideline that “your freedom ends where someone else’s freedom begins” helps children to become responsible individuals who look after themselves, their environment, and others!

We hope you enjoy our website and find useful information on the details involved in assisting towards the development of a harmonious personality.
Personalised tours are available for prospective families to see the beautiful premises and green spaces, bilingual Montessori environments and/or the multilingual IB Secondary Section in action.

The four school campuses are scattered around Brussels, Belgium. If you would like to visit one of the Woluwe locations (‘Hof ten Berg’ and/or ‘Hof Kleinenberg’), please call us at: +32 (0)2-721 21 11. For a visit to our Tervuren campuses’ (‘Savoorke’ and/or ‘Rotselaerelaan’), you can get in touch with us at: +32 (0)2-767 63 60.

Please do not hesitate to send us an email or complete the contact form should you wish to receive more information about the International Montessori School.
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